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Are you "hungry like the wolf" for some real live entertainment? Look no further. Let SKYROCKET! blast you into the upper limits of the stratosphere with astounding musicianship, effortless charisma, and a fanatical attention to detail that is usually reserved for crazy people.





Songs are memories. Songs are important. We care about music. A lot.  

That one little part in your favorite song that other bands might not notice...well, we notice it. Who sang that harmony? What guitar did they use to get that sound? If I wear tighter pants will I indeed move like Jagger? We've done the research, and we will show you what we've learned.



Most of our repertoire is from the '70s and '80s (the two best decades for pop/rock in our humble opinion) but we occasionally venture out when it's appropriate. Over the years we've learned close to 500 songs and operate from a rotation of around 100 at a time.

View a song list here.


We work tirelessly on the video visuals that accompany our performance which, hopefully, augments the music by providing an extra level kick. We're always looking for ways to provide maximum entertainment and further set SKYROCKET! apart from run of the mill background bands. 


( the not so humble brag )

"Skyrocket were simply brilliant last Wednesday and really put our event over the top. The day after, my wife ended up giving birth to a daughter. Her name is Skye. I think we’ll be calling her Skye-rocket for years to come." -- Marc Glosserman, Founder & CEO, Hill Country Restaurant, New York

 "All I can say is: You guys saw 175 faces, and you rocked them all! Thank you for making my wedding so awesome and memorable." -- Laura Moser, co-author of “The Rise and Fall of a 10th Grade Social Climber”


"SKYROCKET is an absolute diamond of a find. They remain a mystical presence that is lacking in most of today’s music scene. To call them a cover band is an insult to the talent, creativity, and energy of the ensemble of excellent entertainers, musicians, and heavenly vocalists. Collectively, the band represents a delightfully seductive collage of light, sound, and energy that connects on a very personal level with the audience, and like the music they sing, they too are “timeless.” -- Steve Gillig


"The IntelliMark party was just another business party until two years ago – when Skyrocket! first performed at our bash. Now the fun but subdued party has been transformed into a wild dance fest. Thanks for being the best cover band in Austin, thanks for making our party so memorable for two years straight!" -- David Frager, Intellimark Associates, Inc


"Wow!! Can I just say that SKYROCKET is an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING band! So many people came up to me throughout the night and the next morning commenting on the stellar band and wanting to know all about you guys. We're still getting e-mails, in fact!" -- Kate Ferguson


"You all play to perfection the fresh covers that everyone can sing, despite the fact that they haven’t heard some of them for 25 years. Your unique, un-cliché song selection is what sets you apart from all other cover bands. Bravo Skyrocket! You no longer have a mere fan. I am now one of your many disciples." -- Maureen Swanson, St Vincent de Paul School

"I’m speechless! SKYROCKET SHOW IS OFF THE CHARTS!! Lots of great comments! I think my regulars were stunned, I was! My first show! I def want to bring the band back to Merkaba on a regular basis!" -- Anthony Williams, GM, Merkaba Lounge, Austin


"This band has a look and an attitude that’s very current. They have no competition in Austin. Now my biggest clients won’t plan a party without Skyrocket!" -- Suzanne Court, owner, Suzanne Court Catering and Events


"Book this band and you will party like it's 1979. You will know all the songs, even though you won't want to admit it, and proceed to sing along and have a helluva night. More than just a cover band, SKYROCKET! is a tribute band composed of A-List Austin musicians who have a love for the hits of the 70's and 80's." -- Erin Collier, Austin Chronicle


"I just saw Skyrocket this past weekend at the Zachary Scott Theatre's Red, Hot and Soul event. They were outstanding, as usual! The best news is that we raised $150,000!!! This was a $40,000 increase over last year!" -- Marie Albino, Director of Grants, Any Baby Can


"When everyone is high-fiving each other and singing with abandon, that's all you need to know. Coming soon to a flashback near you. Don't miss it." -- Ed Bailey, VP Brand Development, Austin City Limits


"I'm still thinking about what fun my birthday party was on Saturday. Maybe you noticed a group of about 20 folks

who never left the dance floor? I've known most of them for 15 years or more and I've never seen them dance like they did on Saturday." -- Paul E. Hoffman, Chief Operating Officer Calendar Club




Kenneth Erlick


503-233-4055 office

503-239-8977 fax

Weddings or Private Events?

This is the man to talk to. Ken is a very pleasant fellow and will gladly help you with any info you need.  In other words, don't be afraid to call or email Ken.

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