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Are you "hungry like the wolf" for some real live entertainment? Look no further. Let SKYROCKET! blast you into the upper limits of the stratosphere with astounding musicianship, effortless charisma, and a fanatical attention to detail that is usually reserved for crazy people.



Songs are memories. Songs are important. We care about music. A lot.  

That one little part in your favorite song that other bands might not notice...well, we notice it. Who sang that harmony? What guitar did they use to get that sound? If i wear tighter pants will I indeed, move like Jagger? We've done the research, and we will show you what we've learned.

No need to worry. No need to cry. We bring the party every time. Small room or arena, it is no matter. You are safe in the arms of SKYROCKET! We've been together forever, and have experienced every live situation known to man. Plus, we have a killer sound person.



Most of our repertoire is from the '70s and '80s (the two best decades for pop/rock in our humble opinion) but we occasionally venture out when it's appropriate. Over the years we've learned close to 500 songs and operate from a rotation of around 100 at a time.




We work tirelessly on the video visuals that accompany our performance which, hopefully, augments our performance with a next level kick. We're always looking for ways to provide maximum entertainment and further set SKYROCKET! apart from run of the mill background bands. 

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